Yes, I am That Guy

Good Morning Everybody!  Yes, I am THAT GUY!  Deal with it!

Happy Good Morning Quotes Funny:

I cannot remember a time when I was not a morning person.  Blame my parents if you need to point a finger.  My mom and dad are both morning people.  My mom used to wake us for school every morning singing our names and telling us the sun was shining and the birds were singing just for us.  She would then make us breakfast while keeping the mood high.  My dad worked his ass off in the shittiest of factories every single day, but still got up in a good mood to keep food on our table.  We were dirt poor growing up, but we didn’t know it because of the upbeat mood and happiness they maintained in our home.  Couple that with the blessings from God we were thankful for and it was just a way of life that seemed very normal for us.

This morning, with her, having coffee:


To this day, I get laughed at, ridiculed, cursed out, and talked about daily just because I am a happy-go-lucky morning person, but I honestly do not understand how somebody could not be a morning person.  Oh, and by the way, as an extreme morning person, I love to use it just to piss off those of you who are not!  Woohoo!  Right at this moment it is 7am Eastern, and I am pecking away on my laptop, drinking a great cup of Cafe Bustelo listening to Sports Center with a smile on my face and love in my heart.  I do thrive on the fact most people can be such miserable bastards in the morning, and better yet knowing my great mood irritates them more than nails on a chalk board.  My only hope is that my attitude can wear off even just a little on them to bring a smile to their face to make their day a little bit better.

Wish i was a morning person! Lol:


I asked this before in this blog, but How can people not be a morning person?  Each day is a great day graced by God.  Every single day, anything is possible.  What happened yesterday is in the past, and we are given the opportunity of a fresh start with those same endless possibilities.  Even in the month of February in North Eastern Ohio, I can jump right out of bed, turn on some Pitbull and start the coffee perking.  It is easy.  I love God.  I love my wife, my daughters, my grandchildren, and yes, I love my job!  I am not rich, just barely middle class, and Nancy and I work our asses daily, but we appreciate the little things God has blessed us with, and we do our best to make the most of them.

Sometimes difficult...but this is another great lesson taught by the kindest person I mother:

I mentioned in prior blogs about being a veteran of the Army.  Even when we were in basic training, third world, arm pit countries and those boring as hell leadership development classes, I did my best to greet every single fellow soldier with a Good Morning and a smile.  It was a lot easier in the military because my fellow soldiers had to be where I was so they could not avoid me, but that is where I met the most morning people.  It always amazed me how a group of know nothing privates half away around the world from home could stay upbeat and positive when the last step we took could have been our last, but a person coming into a convenient store at 9am could be such a grumpy asshole to a minimum wage cashier for no reason at all.  I was a district manager in the convenience store industry for many years and actually over heard a customer asking a cashier to tell me not to call him “Friend” when I said “Good Morning Friend, how are you?”  He said I didn’t know him well enough to call him “Friend!”  In my mind that is the definition of an asshole!  I made certain I visited that store every morning for the next two weeks just so I could run into that person and wish him the best of mornings and call him “Sir,” as loudly and condenscending as I possibly could.  There is just no need for that.  He isn’t any better than anybody else, and I wanted to make damn sure he knew it.

The most fun was waking up the girls in the morning.  They all have their good mornings, but for the most part all 6 of them were pretty irritable bitches in the morning.  I always tried to make them morning people also, but those apples fell way far away from the tree. On the weekends or while we are on vacation, Nancy and I might like to start our morning coffee with just a touch of Baileys or follow up my first cup with a Bloody Mary.  This always put us in an even better mood and allowed us to irritate the girls even more.  It was a blast.  Blaring some Aventura or Wisin y Yandel at 8am, really gets the blood pumping, and that is exactly what we liked to do.

In closing, I have to once again ask, “How can you not be a morning person?”  And just a fair warning…if you see me whistling a song coming in the opposite direction, run the other way because I will hunt you down like the Debbie Downer you are, and do everything possible to get on your last nerve!  Or you could just join the club and become a morning person with me! Up to you!




—- Addition by Samantha —-

This is for all those morning people out there...not so much. ; -):

Trust him when he tells you to run the other way if you are not a morning person! Take it from the girl who went to middle school/high school out of zone therefore, he had to drive me to school every morning. Now let me tell you, I was already up an hour or so getting ready but I was NOT awake. I am most definitely not a morning person and then again, I’m not really a night person either. But in the mornings, just let me wake up in peace, let me get ready at my speed and let me get some coffee and just settle in. Don’t jump down my throat, ask me to do a bunch of useless shit, or start singing to me. I just want to have some peace! But feel free to make me a nice pot of coffee & some breakfast in bed, I can be down for that! Every morning while driving to school, we fought with the radio every morning, it never failed. I simply wanted to listen to music and he wanted to listen to his raunchy 104.1 shenanigans and I just wasn’t having it! He simply just wanted to have important life conversations that early and I just couldn’t do it!Every morning was an eventful one with this guy. If you were driving past us, you would probably have laughed hysterically because he was probably making a fool out of himself and trying to embarrass the crap out of me constantly. This also continued as he dropped me off and I got out of the car and tried to run AS FAST AS POSSIBLE… as he screamed my name and was a gigantic dork all the way. Now looking back, I laugh because it was hilarious and probably extremely comical to everyone around us however, it wasn’t funny to me at the time. The one good thing about being with this guy in the mornings is that there is always coffee on, so I’ll stick with him 🙂



Should I know what I want to do with my life?

I mean.. I’m 25 and even though every birthday we say ‘oh my god, I am getting so old’, while that is extremely accurate, I am still young and have plenty of time to figure life out. But do I really though…?

My college career has been quite rough and VERY MUCH all over the place. However, I am finally on solid ground and working on completing my Bachelor’s then I’ll worry about my Master’s. Now in all the time I’ve had between high school, moving around and now settled in.. you would think that I would have narrowed down what in the world I want to do with the rest of my life. But NO… I am not any closer to figuring it out than I was when I graduated high school. There’s something wrong with me, right? Because that would explain a lot.. Anyone have answers, anyone?

On fielding THOSE questions:

There are so many things that I want to do. So many things that I want to be apart of. So many things that I want to accomplish and lives that I want to affect in the most influential way. I want to make a difference but then again, everyone says that.. So what the hell. Why is this so hard for me to figure out?

While I am *beyond* obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy – I cannot handle the blood, shit and piss. (You can picture it now, can’t you? Yuck.) So becoming an amazing surgeon like Meredith Grey is out of the question…

“I don’t know why we put things off, but if I had to guess, I’d say it had a lot to do with fear. Fear of failure. Fear of pain. Fear of rejection.”  -Meredith Grey:

Then there’s law – everyone says they want to be in the law but recently I read a blog post from Tucker Max (if you haven’t heard of him, do yourself a favor and look him up. He is HILARIOUS. Not for the faint-hearted either, he’s very blunt.) and he wrote about all the reasons NOT to go to law school. Mind you, he also ATTENDED law school. Check it out: Why you should NOT go to law school   Anyway, it was a very interesting read and honestly, he is extremely right. Many people think that being a lawyer is EXACTLY like what you see on Law & Order.. well, it’s not. Sorry to break your heart. While I am currently working in law firm (not as a lawyer, OBVIOUSLY) but I can already tell you – I want NO PART of this life. Nope. No thank you. No siree. Bye. See you later.

difficult planning:

My major is Business Management so it’s a pretty big area that you can do just about anything with. So there’s event planning, I love weddings, events, parties, and I like having complete control over planning things and things going the way that I want them to go. But I’m not a complete control freak although my husband would definitely disagree with you because he has seen it firsthand. It definitely depends on the situation and when something gets messed with after I’ve taken care of it, I am certainly NOT okay with it. But with event planning, you get the weekend hours, late night hours, etc. And at the moment, I’m pretty into having a 9-5 job and weekends off. So there’s that.


Now if you’ve read my post titled ‘Live. Laugh. Love. READ.’ you’ll know that I love reading and have ever since I could remember. So maybe publishing?  But as far as editing goes, I’ll need to work on that because that’s DEFINITELY my husband’s expertise hands down. But to think of meeting writers and planning their events, taking care of marketing their own books, reading all the manuscripts, the list goes on.. It can be a pretty difficult field to get into – I’ve done some research.

universityandme: “the lighting was so nice i couldn’t not take a picture…i’m just journaling and starting “to the lighthouse” today for my next essay. ”:

So you see my dilemma? It’s pretty ridiculous.

30 Real Estate Memes Every Agent Needs on Hand.  #realestatememes #realestatepromotion.   For real estate marketing and advertising visit

Or at least I think I’m handling it? Anyone out there having similar issues? Any advice? Any pointers? ANYTHING!?



Against All Odds

Being a parent is a wonderful experience.  Being a parent of six girls however rewarding, can and will create exciting challenges every minute of every day.  The main hope and wish I had as a father was for our daughters to grow up to be at least decent human beings. Their successes, although hopeful, we’re not as much a factor to me as their happiness in this world and being very good, respectful human beings.  I wanted them to honor all that treat others as you would want to be treated stuff, but even better than I was forced to act as a child.  That is very difficult to see this day and age, and seems pretty rare.

I get tired of hearing this generation is this or this generation is that, and kids today have changed so much.  It is such a bad argument in my opinion.  Kids had to change.  Times have changed so they had to adapt to those changing times to survive.  For every kid someone calls lazy or disrespectful, I can find one who works two jobs and goes to school full time.  They are out there but most people are too quick to put a label on a generation for a lot of things we failed to teach them.  There are bad apples in every era, so let’s not label a generation for those few but for those that adapted and pushed forward to do good.

My daughters had every excuse under the sun to turn out bad.  As parents, we put them against ridiculous odds and set them up for failure.  I am not proud to say that, but these six chicas really succeeded against all odds and I could not be more proud.

How to Have a Mindful Divorce, The Love Whisperer,loa relationship coach,

Let me explain what I mean by that last comment.  All six of our girls are the product of broken homes.  Nancy and I divorced our exes to be together.  We did this while four of our six were teenagers and already thought the world and Mother Nature were against them because of the emotional and biological changes going on with their minds and bodies. Needless to say these were very delicate times and issues were not always handled properly.  Feelings were hurt, things were said and done, and some of them thought we had betrayed them, so basically lives were shattered for a moment in time.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, throw in the fact that we didn’t always act like adults with our exes, didn’t take the girls feelings into account as much as we should have, and then topped it off with mixing two cultures together, and we had the recipe for certain disaster.

9 Poignant Divorce Quotes That Will Mend Your Broken Heart (PHOTOS):

In the beginning things didn’t go well!  That is an extreme understatement.  The shit hit the fan big time.  Our oldest graduated from high school and moved out as quickly as she could, the second oldest didn’t talk to us for almost two years, and number three proceeded to get pregnant!  What a welcome to family life at the new Casa de Swain.  Our younger three seemed to be doing pretty well and we did our best to keep them with us as much as we could and show them love from both of us.

Photo 11 of 64: Shades of Pink & Gray / Baby Shower/Sip & See "Danetta's Baby Shower" | Catch My Party:

These were very difficult times and we all could have called it quits and given up, but we couldn’t give up just yet.  Love and caring paired with great answered prayers from God above, and little things started to fall in place to bring us all back together stronger than we could have ever been.  We wanted the girls to know we have unconditional love for them no matter the circumstances, that we wanted and needed them, and wanted them to be with us.  Nancy and I immediately stopped talking about the exes in front of the girls so they could form their own opinions of why changes were and needed to be made.  Those things just seemed to work themselves out.  Couple that with spending time together and getting to know each other to realize we are all pretty wonderful.

Now we still had to deal with a teenage pregnancy, and it sure isn’t like any of those lifetime miracle network shows.  Things quickly and heatedly blew out of control.  Once again many prayers, tears, sleepless nights, and tongue biting was involved.  Eventually love and caring will always win out.  We never gave up, we prayed, we prayed, we prayed, and we prayed, and we showed love and genuine concern wherever we could.

I am very happy to say our girls are not a burden on society, and are all pretty decent human beings as of this moment despite all the adults in their lives who tried to do to our best to mess it up.

Our oldest runs financial institutions in Orlando, Fl.  Number two (that sounds funny) got married to a guy I approve of (kind of), is going to college and works full time for a group of attorneys.  The third in line gave us a beautiful grandson, graduated college, and continues to go to school working toward another degree while working full time as a nurse for a private practice.  Lucky number four works at a sandwich shop and goes to college while she takes care of her grandfather.  Number five recently got married, and gave birth to our second gorgeous grand child and is beginning to go back to school while looking for employment.  The baby of the group graduated high school last year and moved in with one of her sisters to help take care of the house and the baby while she is at school and work.

So, as a parent, I can joyfully say I am very proud of my girls, and the fact they never used excuses to not succeed and continue to be decent human beings!

And they did it AGAINST ALL ODDS!

1. Every time a women sits down to write, she will come across an obstacle. She will encounter that ghost that will try to stop her from writing the truth. The ghost will remind her that men don't like when women speak the truth about her passions.:



Live. Love. Laugh. READ.

So everyone, I have an addiction problem. For books. So is it really THAT bad? Much better than crack.. that’s for sure.

e-Readers make this uniquely true!--

If you’ve read the ‘About’ section and learned a little more about me..(if you haven’t, go now.. before I come find you) you’d know that I love getting myself lost in a good book. And I also want a library like Belle from Beauty & the Beast. My husband told me I’m such a nerd, but he loves me anyway! He has his video games, I have books.

I’m not your typical reader who has migrated into having all their books on their IPad, Nook or cell-phone.. While that is all fine and dandy, and I did try it for a short period of time, I prefer the feeling of a good book in my hands. Is that weird? Then so be it, I’m weird. No hard feelings.

I asked my dad what the first book I read was because unfortunately, I couldn’t remember. That’s kinda depressing. What I did remember was having ALL of the Disney books, ALL of the Dr. Seuss books and always carried one around with me to read. My dad said he is *pretty sure* the first book I read was Beauty & the Beast.. how ironic. But my all-time favorite princess will forever be Aurora in Sleeping Beauty.

During elementary school we had these tests on the computer in our library called AR or Accelerated Reading program. This was my shit. This program consisted of reading books and taking quizzes to get points. In order to determine the amount of points the book was worth, it was based off the length of the book and difficulty of the text. You either answered the question right or wrong and were rewarded so many points for each question. Then, based on the amount of points you received you were rewarded prizes, invited to luncheons, had a dinner out with the principal, etc. It was an amazing program and other than attending my classes each day and doing homework of course, my life consisted of reading and taking those quizzes. I had the time of my life. Since smaller books are so much easier to read I was able to blow through a ton of those books and quizzes all in one sitting. Then, you have your Harry Potter books which are NOT small especially to a little kid like me and those were worth hundreds of points. Now since I’m a quick reader, I comprehend things very easily and can recite what happened back to you in the book, I aced those quizzes. I attended many parties, used my points to buy more books within the library and a bunch of useless goodies (that were not so useless at the time but super awesome) and I had lunch with the principal! When I graduated in 5th grade, I was rewarded the ‘Principal’s Award’ (only went to one student in the entire graduating class and it was not small) and I still have that tiny little plaque today. Yes, I am tooting my own horn. Woohoo.

Harry Potter Quote. Books and Articles by Arthur Chiragiev

Of course, I grew up in what we call the ‘Harry Potter’ generation so I’m ridiculously obsessed with the Harry Potter series. Not to mention, she is releasing the script for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in July 2016.. Oh boy oh boy! Now I get it, some people are pissed because it’s just the script, not the book. Okay well quit your whining, I don’t want to hear about it. It’s better than nothing! But anyway, my dad and I used to race to read the Harry Potter series when I was younger. We would start one of them and race to see who finished it first. Now you may think that I had the upper-hand however.. He was busy with work every day and the crazy people he dealt with. I had school each day and practice directly after school. I would come home and eat, do homework, shower and by then, I was exhausted. I have to say though, it was always pretty intense in our household when it came to this series. We would buy two different copies so we could race each time, it was a lot of fun! We even plan to race to finish ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’..May the odds be ever in your favor. (Yes, I’m a Hunger Games fan too… and Twilight.. and Fifty Shades.. Listen, I read A LOT. There are very few books I have found that I didn’t like and put down)

Today, I find that my interests are definitely evolving. There are a lot of books that are in the same realm of what I have read for years and then there are new books that I have brought into my life. Currently I am reading ‘Still Alive’ by Lisa Genova and it is absolutely wonderful. This book is about a woman named Alice who has worked so hard to build her career in linguistics as a cognitive psychology professor at Harvard and is diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. This book is definitely a little out of my usual readings but I am so engulfed in this book, it’s absolutely amazing. I have heard nothing but wonderful things about Lisa Genova — I definitely recommend this book and this author without question!

Some of the other books I’ve completed recently and definitely recommend:

  • The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Gailbrath (JK Rowling’s pseudonym)
  • See Me by Nicholas Sparks (Not his usual but I LOVED it!)
  • Beautiful series by Jamie McGuire (Absolutely addicting, read two books in three days)

Books I have that I am looking forward to reading:

  • Me before you by Jojo Moyes (turning into a movie with Emilia Clarke, watch the trailer.. you WILL tear up)
  • Dare Me: A Novel by Megan Abott (First book I’ve bought from this author but definitely looking forward to this read)
  • The Opposite of Loneliness: Essays and Stories by Marina Keegan (Must read of 2015)
  • And those are just a few that are coming my way!

Image result for nicholas sparks quotes the best of me:

Favorite author? Nicholas Sparks. Yeah, you may know him as the author of ‘The Notebook’ and yeah, that’s where I fell in love with his writing but his favorite book of mine is from the quote above, ‘The Best of Me’. He is an exceptional writer, someone who takes a story and makes it into some simply breathtaking. People might think that there is ALWAYS a happy-ending and they ALWAYS end up together but really, it’s so much more than that. You have to endure the pain that they are dealing with while reading as they lost their loved ones. I get completely lost in his books and while reading, I am sitting in the locations exactly where the book is based in. (He is a huge fan of the Carolinas. No complaints here, the Carolinas are beautiful).

Simply put: I stand behind reading.

I think that this generation focuses so much on social media, their cell-phones and the celebrities that they forget some of the most important things that can be greatly beneficial in their lives. Is Accelerated Reading still a thing? Apparently, it is. AND apparently, it goes from K-12.. But it was never pushed or offered after I left elementary school. While I do love my phone and maybe spend too much time on social media, I still make the time to read. I wish more people would sit down, grab a glass of wine and grab a good book. I feel like it would do a lot of good and it would be extremely helpful in our lives. This is something I feel very strongly about and I think that maybe it is time to get behind it and do some good with this passion too.

Alright, I think I’ve rambled enough with my almost 1400 words.. Favorite authors, favorite books, favorite genre?


Half a Month of HELL

To begin with a verse from a great old song “At first I was afraid, I was petrified,”

Okay, do not sing the rest of that song and do not laugh.  Seven against one gives a man every reason to be afraid, petrified even.  Those are not very good odds at all, but I faced those odds every month for at least two weeks, that is fourteen days out of every month, every single month for way too many years.  I am not a very smart man, but it didn’t take me long to figure out when I needed to schedule a business trip, fishing trip, or just figure out a way to get my ass out of that house until the coast was clear.

The Day of the Moon, start of the cycle, Aunt Flo, period, or whatever clever mask you ladies try to put on it to disguise the sweetness which once possessed my beautiful wife and daughters.  Somehow I would slowly descend into this seemingly never ending Hell I once referred to as our happy home.  I started to be able to predict it.  I got good at it too.  I knew when it was going to happen and I was ready to take action.  On the very first hint of a cramp, stomach ache, or pants that didn’t fit and I was scrambling to get my bag packed, notify the neighbors and my best friend of my impending doom just in case I went missing.  If you have ever read one of my posts, you know I like the lighter side of things a lot, but this here…this was serious shit!  The dogs and the fish even looked at me pissed off for seemingly no other reason than I had a penis.  I was alone, desperate and very afraid.

Beautiful Quote:

The menstrual cycle deal was even worse with my first wife because her stuff was backwards because she was a bitch for 28 days out of the month and almost tolerable for just three.  Nothing you can do about any of this.  The alternative was just too much, and I could not risk the chance of lucky number seven popping out with a vagina also.

I was always taught the moon was just a rite of passage, celebrating a girls’ arrival into womanhood, but that is tough on a father in different aspects also.  First, you have to realize your baby girls are growing up and may start to have interest in S-E-X, and horrible little punk boys, secondly they begin to turn into these ugly, whiney, clingy, pushy, irritable little demonic, chocolate and ice cream eating, penis hating, emotionally wrecked female dogs…okay bitches!  Whew!

Now multiply that by seven, carry the one, and you have Hell in a household for the only man to live under that roof.

funny-pictures-girls-on-their-period fuck you grass:

I did mention fourteen days because I think that was as close as all seven of them could get to syncing up with one another, plus there was the pre stuff and after stuff for all of them!  Holy Hell, it was like Oprah couch show reruns every month for two weeks, (but it was still better than the twenty eight days I started with) and this did not include all the trips I had to make to the stores , changing A/C filters, opening windows, and emptying trash cans.  I’ll discuss more of that in a blog to come because my first trip to buy tampons was an adventure in itself.

Chris Farley did a sketch about a motivational speaker by the name of Matt Foley who told kids to stop smoking dope or they would live in a van down by the river.  Extremely funny, but for two weeks out of every month I wished I had been living in a van down by the river!

SNL - Chris Farley - Livin' in a van down by the river!:


Words are powerful.

“Be careful with your words. Once they are said, they can be only forgiven, not forgotten.”

A lovely fellow blogger inspired this post today when I was having trouble figuring out what was next for me. My dad said that we have quite the dynamic duo going on because he focuses so much on his humor and his “tough life” being surrounded by all women 😉 however, I am focusing on a more serious approach I guess you could say…

Words are quite powerful. You would assume that people would be more careful about the words that leave their mouths however, we know that isn’t always the case. We are all victims who have been wounded by simple words that have been spoken by a loved one or a stranger. We are all multiple offenders that have spoken such words to a loved one or stranger and instantly wanted to take them back.

Isn't it amazing that the people who claim to love you and have your best interest at heart are also the ones who have the power to crush you ?:

I’ve done it. You’ve done it. We have all done it. No one is perfect however, I have watched time and time again as people just rip into someone who didn’t deserve it at all. I am sure that I have ripped into someone that may not have deserved it. As a matter of fact, YES, I know that I have. I’m not proud of it and I would very much like to take back some of the awful things that I have said but I can’t. People have forgiven me but I know that they will never forget that incident. That one time. That one word that broke them into pieces. And I don’t blame them, I understand it. I have done the same.

I believe that now more than ever people need to be aware of the words that they are letting escape their mouths. Filter or not, have some respect and act your age. Or don’t act your age (you know, like my dad ;)) but have R E S P E C T. We should be doing more good in the world rather than adding more negative shit to it. Things are bad enough, we don’t need your negative attitude fogging everyone up everyone else’s view.

Find what makes you happy. Document it. Savor it. Write it down. Take a picture. Eat it.

Spend more time writing down inspirational quotes and sharing that vibe with others. It’s much more contagious than the negativity you’re currently spreading around. And listen, I’m working on this too so don’t think you are alone. And trust me, there will be days that you feel down in the dumps and you want to take it out on everyone around you.. Unless you are my dad, who just ALWAYS seems to be peppy (I do not know how he does it) and believe me, if you are NOT a morning person like me, you would NOT want to sit in the car with him while he DRIVES YOU TO SCHOOL! -_- Those years were torture 😉 No but seriously. Pure t o r t u r e. (Love you!)

20 Great Positive Quotes and Pictures |

Head home today. Grab some sticky-notes. Find some inspirational quotes. Post them everywhere! We all need a little motivation and positivity every now and then! I know I do!

So everyone, what’s your favorite inspirational quote? Comment below!


Empty Nest Syndrome?

As I have stated in our “About” section, Nancy and I have six daughters together.  Something very strange happened in August of 2015… We were suddenly alone at home.  The baby of our half dozen graduated from high school and decided to move in with one of her older sisters and help out with our grandson until she figured out what she wanted to do with her life.  Of course, this was not the first time a daughter left, but this feeling was very strange to us.  Krystal and Samii moved out about the same time to go to college, and that was tough, but we still had the others at home.  Then slowly one by one, the others left too.  Kristine left with her boyfriend and had our first grandchild. Shayna stayed in Florida when we moved to Ohio to take care of her grandparents on my first wife’s side of the family.  Alexis bounced back and forth between us and her “egg donor” which posed a different challenge in our relationship.  Hilsa, the youngest, had always been with us and was the last one to embark on life’s journey.

Our work as parents was nearly complete as far as getting the girls raised as responsible young ladies prepared to take on the world.  We were warned several times by friends of this phenomenon called “Empty Nest Syndrome”.  It is supposed to be a feeling of severe sadness and depression that comes over parents after all of their children move out on their own.  So let me be the first to tell you that as a loving father who still communicates with each daughter several times a week…


WOOHOO!  Let the party begin!  We are FREE!  Dobby is a free elf!! (We all are Harry Potter nerds too).  We accomplished our mission as parents and it is now our time to lay around the house naked and drink a glass of wine as much as we like.  I hope they all winced at that remark.  Life is good.  Nancy and I no longer have to lock the bedroom door and play smooth jazz to let the girls know not to knock, wink wink!  We come and go as we please, we have date night every night, and yes, we do chase each other around the house naked!  Nancy has done pretty well also, not as good as I have, but she seems to be adjusting just fine.

So if you are a parent who is worried about this “Empty Nest Syndrome” thing, DON’T!  It is an amazing feeling being free!  ENJOY LIFE!  CHEERS!




Everything happens for a reason.

Whether or not you agree with me, I truly believe that everything does happen for a reason.

I know death isn’t easy, losing someone you thought was your soul mate and trust me when I say this — I don’t believe that anyone should have to go through what cancer patients do. I wish it didn’t exist, I really do.

From the moment we are born, the clock begins to tick. Life is rough. Adulting sucks. We spend all this time as a child wanting to grow up faster. Then as an adult, we repeat our 21st birthday every birthday after we turn 30… I wish there was a secret to it all, but there isn’t.

 Some people come in your life as blessings, others come in your life as lessons.

We’ve all experienced a time where someone who was apart of our lives for years or someone we felt as if we had such a connection that there was no way we wouldn’t be in each other’s lives forever…and POOF – one day you never talk again. It’s weird, isn’t it? In those moments when it first happens, you ask yourself ‘What the hell happened?’ Sometimes, it’s simple. You went your separate ways and drifted apart and neither of you made much of an effort to save it. Or you got into a huge fight and you didn’t realize exactly how different you were so it was time to just let it go. And then there are times where it just happens in the blink of an eye.. a couple years down the road you come across their picture in your Timehop or their Facebook page. You reminisce on the memories and you smile, laugh, cry and that’s that. It’s normal. We all do it.

Years later, you finally start to realize the underlying reason why you’re either still friends or you’re not at all. This is why the perfect quote comes to mind, ‘Some people come in your life as blessings, others come in your life as lessons.I am a very outgoing, outspoken, loud individual. I was a cheerleader from the age of 2 until the age of 20. I was involved in many sports such as softball, volleyball, track (sprints, none of that long distance crap) and flag football. Therefore, I was always around people and I was always making friends or making frenemies. In the moments leading up to a friendship ending, you don’t quite understand why until years later (or you do because they’re completely crazy and you couldn’t get away faster) and then it all just clicks. It immediately makes sense in your head why those certain individuals never made it to your adult years. After high school, you go your separate ways, you lose touch with basically everyone.. But there are some that make it through college together. I have been blessed with wonderful friendships with the most fantastic human beings throughout my life and they have taught me some wonderful life lessons and they have been the world’s biggest blessings. I am thankful to each and everyone person that has come into my life whether they are still here or not because they have shaped me into the person I am. Each and every person has come into my life for a purpose whether it be at a good time or a very bad one and they have benefited me in the greatest way. I hope that at least a few of them can say the same for me.

All in all, some of life’s greatest moments are the unexpected ones. The ones you never thought you wanted or needed. Something that steers you way off the course you intended to take.. It’s all happening for a reason. It all leads up to something spectacular.. it just may take a little more time and if you’re like me, I’m suuuuuper impatient so I tend to go a little mad. Oops!

Like Carrie Underwood said in her song ‘Good in Goodbye’:

As bad as it was, as bad as it hurt
I thank God I didn’t get what I thought that I deserved
Sometimes life leads you down a different road
When you’re holding on to someone that you gotta let go
Someday you’ll see the reason why
Sometimes, yeah, sometimes, there’s good in goodbye

So yeah, everything happens for a reason. Simply put: There is good in goodbye.





Father of the Year Moment #1

Being a father of six daughters you love with every ounce of your being certainly has its unforgettable moments.  In this case, I knew I was never going to be nominated for father of the year in this life time.

Samii, our second oldest and blog buddy on this site was around 2 years old when this happened.  We were stationed at Ft Eustis, Va., while I was in the Army.  I had just finished PT on a very cold morning and needed to get a hot, relaxing bath to warm my bones back up before morning formation in the motor pool.  We lived in a nice little apartment on post near the training barracks so it was always pretty loud in the mornings with trainees running by singing cadence.  This particularly morning Samantha had had her fill of the noise.  As I lay relaxing in the hot water, mind out in space, the bathroom door suddenly slams open with a crash against the wall, and there stands my precious little curly blond locked adorable daughter Samii, clothed in the cutest little Lion King nightgown, hair all whopper jod and disheveled.  She looks directly at me, points her little finger towards the window of the bathroom, and says “Daddy those Fu#%ing boys just woke me up!”  At first I was in total shock at what just came out of my little girls mouth, but I couldn’t help start laughing as I tried to be the parent and said “Samii, you can’t say that.”  So she looked at me, obviously pissed off, placed her hand on her hip and said it again, ” I know daddy, but those Fu&$ing boys woke me up!”

I was done!  I knew it was the wrong thing to do, but I was laughing so hard because she looked so damn adorable, I couldn’t chastise her like a normal, responsible parent should have at that time.

From that moment on I knew with certainty I was going to be silly putty in the hands of my baby girls, and would never be nominated for father of the year no matter how great any of the  six would turn out.  And yes, I am still silly putty in their hands!

Please share with us any moment you may have had similar to this.  Not all of us can be parents of the year, but it doesn’t make us bad parents! It’s the little things that make us who we are.  We cannot wait to hear your stories!