Good Morning Peeples!  Thank you for following us yesterday and liking our stuff.  I cannot wait to get the opportunity to check out the things you have done.  I am not very good at new technology at this point, but with 6 daughters ages 19-26 you kind of have to get up to speed or the boys will find it as a weakness. Boys?  Asshats, throbbing testosterone, but that is another subject entirely.  I have only had to make one former son in law wannabe disappear so far, so I think those are pretty good odds.  I have 2 more that are okay, and one sitting in the bull pen waiting because he cannot quite figure me out. Or at least that is what I’m telling myself.  Oh and surprise, maybe a daughter in law in our future. Yep, we got a gay in our half dozen…LMAO.  We told you we could tell some stories. I’m open to helping Moms and Dads alike.  Tampons to prom dresses, diapers to first cars, first dates to weddings. I got all the free advice you could ever want.  Off to work for a few hours.  Hope everyone is ready for the Super Bowl! Go Browns! Please pray for Johnny, sounds like he needs it…A LOT!!!  Ciao!



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