Father of the Year Moment #1

Being a father of six daughters you love with every ounce of your being certainly has its unforgettable moments.  In this case, I knew I was never going to be nominated for father of the year in this life time.

Samii, our second oldest and blog buddy on this site was around 2 years old when this happened.  We were stationed at Ft Eustis, Va., while I was in the Army.  I had just finished PT on a very cold morning and needed to get a hot, relaxing bath to warm my bones back up before morning formation in the motor pool.  We lived in a nice little apartment on post near the training barracks so it was always pretty loud in the mornings with trainees running by singing cadence.  This particularly morning Samantha had had her fill of the noise.  As I lay relaxing in the hot water, mind out in space, the bathroom door suddenly slams open with a crash against the wall, and there stands my precious little curly blond locked adorable daughter Samii, clothed in the cutest little Lion King nightgown, hair all whopper jod and disheveled.  She looks directly at me, points her little finger towards the window of the bathroom, and says “Daddy those Fu#%ing boys just woke me up!”  At first I was in total shock at what just came out of my little girls mouth, but I couldn’t help start laughing as I tried to be the parent and said “Samii, you can’t say that.”  So she looked at me, obviously pissed off, placed her hand on her hip and said it again, ” I know daddy, but those Fu&$ing boys woke me up!”

I was done!  I knew it was the wrong thing to do, but I was laughing so hard because she looked so damn adorable, I couldn’t chastise her like a normal, responsible parent should have at that time.

From that moment on I knew with certainty I was going to be silly putty in the hands of my baby girls, and would never be nominated for father of the year no matter how great any of the  six would turn out.  And yes, I am still silly putty in their hands!

Please share with us any moment you may have had similar to this.  Not all of us can be parents of the year, but it doesn’t make us bad parents! It’s the little things that make us who we are.  We cannot wait to hear your stories!



5 thoughts on “Father of the Year Moment #1

  1. SO perfect! I think many of us have had these moments. they remind me of EXACTLY why I couldn’t be an actress! I can’t keep a straight face for my life. My 10 year old recently came to me and told me that her nephew (who lives with us) called her a smart a.s.s. She proceeds angrily with head moving from side to side “seriously mom?! He’s such an asshole! Who the fuck does he think he is?!” ….deer in headlights look and I just couldn’t keep a straight face. It was the first time I had heard her use profanity and she rattled it all off with the vernacular of a well educated sailor! 🙂

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