Race Didn’t Matter! We Were All Green!

For most – race, creed, color, origin, age, and sexual orientation are taboo.  I want to throw out my opinion on the race phenomenon we are witnessing in this day and age, and compare and/or contrast to a time in my life where it just did not seem to matter.

Racial Equality:

I was in the Army for almost five years stationed for the most part at Ft Eustis, Va.  As you can imagine you meet many different types of people with such diverse backgrounds and it is amazing the cohesiveness you can feel with any one soldier.  All races, genders, ages, origins, and several different religious preferences didn’t seem to matter.  We all had each other’s backs and did what we could to help one another.  Don’t get me wrong there wasn’t always peace and harmony amongst our ranks but for the most part race rarely entered into the equation.  If you were smart, you tried your best to learn about as many different cultures as were represented and respected each and every one. The food alone was worth it in my book!

USMC || Boot Camp | "There is no racial bigotry here. Here, you are all equally worthless." ~ Gunnery Sergeant Hartman:

I met some of the best individuals while I was enlisted.  Two of my mentors were black, three or four were Puerto Rican and a couple were white rednecks like me.  These men were the best and they cared about you and your families.  I had two daughters only at this time and both Samantha and Shayna loved all of them to death and they all loved my girls. Samii was old enough to be the little princess in their eyes and started preschool with some of their children.  She was always talking about Sarvant (she couldn’t say Sergeant properly yet) Davis and Sarvant Powell.  She would run and jump into their arms whenever they came over and hug them like she was theirs.  Great men! Black! Who gives a damn!

Every race has their assholes for sure, but every race also has their good people too.  My experience crossed many lines with these men and women and we lived together in not so fun places, we spent a lot of time together, had families involved, and learned from one another, but we were all Green! Nobody was better than anybody else.  We all crawled thru the sand, burnt shit from cut out latrines, and way too often bled red!


We need to stop this ignorance of racial bullshit and realize we are all Americans and most importantly realize WE ARE ALL GREEN!




5 thoughts on “Race Didn’t Matter! We Were All Green!

  1. I didn’t realize my husband was puerto rican until a year after we were married. I’m not stupid, I’m just ignorant when it comes to race. I see us all as equally different and didn’t think twice about his dark complexion and wavy hair. He is just totally hot and super human in the kindness, compassion, empathy department. The color of our skin is just that; its what’s behind that skin that matters the most.

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    1. Awesome! I too am married to a Puerto Rican. Woman of course and absolutely gorgeous! Great family. Her side welcomed us in with such open arms. Amazing! Do you visit PR often? We try at least once a year and stay in Vega Baja. The real Puerto Rico (not just San Juan) is absolutely gorgeous!

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      1. Only a couple of times. His mothers maiden name is Vega. 🙂 popular name! We definitely need to get down there more often. Our friends own a few places down there and they keep begging us to go. I really need to make it a priority but I keep ending up in Cancun with the kids 😉

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      2. Well Cancun is not a horrible place to be! Lol. PR just feels like home. A lot of my wife’s family still live there, and it seems like such an easy way of life. Being accepted from the beginning sure helps. El Yunque is amazing and El Morro. Great history and beaches. And don’t get me started on the food! Lol

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