Travel? Travel. Travel!

…is all that has been on my mind lately. Among other things of course, but this is something that plays on repeat in my mind because I just want to go EVERYWHERE.

Wanderlust - 16x20 inches on A2. Inspiring travel quote typography art poster print. on Etsy, $57.00:

Can someone please tell me there’s a job where I can make 6-figures, travel the world & be able to have my husband, puppy, bunny & future children, of course, with me at all times?! SIGN ME UP. I mean really though, who doesn’t love to travel!


Im in love with cities Ive never been to and people Ive never met | The most beautiful parts of life are still unfolding.:

Traveling has been a more present factor in my head lately cause I’m planning a few trips this year. Ohio (where I’m from) is for celebrating that one guy’s birthday, you know the one writing this blog with me, because you know, he’s kind of awesome. To see family. Cedar Point because DUH. I love rollercoasters, and you’re crazy if you don’t! To visit my grandma’s grave since very soon, it will be a year since we lost her, even though it feels just like yesterday. And most of all, to enjoy some time just relaxing & spending time with my grandfather since he’s making this trip with me. Then there is New Orleans – this we JUST decided on. I originally wanted to make a trip to Chicago, because I love it there. But mainly because my sister and I were talking about trips and where she wanted to go. I decided to plan a trip and surprise her BUT,  granddad just got TOO EXCITED and spoiled the whole surprise!

"Of all the books in the world, the best stories are found between the pages of a passport." #TravelQuote #travel #quote: I chose Chicago but while including granddad, he wanted to go somewhere different and now here we are! It is STILL on and I cannot wait to put all the pieces together into this trip. We’re looking at a seafood festival (we LOVE seafood), the possibility of finding the locations of where they shot a few episodes of ‘The Originals’ because we are HUGE TVPD fans. Not to mention all the different places we will be going to eat/drink and just be tourists together. Lastly – the end of the year – Puerto Rico – which I’m SO EXCITED for because I’ve never been there either & I’ll be going with family that knows the area so well so I’ll get to do all the touristy things & get to see the stuff that tourists may not know about. All the pictures I’ve looked at from my family visiting – I just wish the end of the year was here sooner!

We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone. — @artifactuprsng:

While it may be quite the busy year for me and traveling – I have the best people to travel with. However, what my husband and I have noticed is that some company’s PTO policies are completely outrageous. Where I accumulate sick-time while I’m working each day and receive personal days depending on where the holidays fall- I also receive 2 weeks of vacation for the year. However, he only has PTO and that accumulates as he works, rewarding him nothing up front for the year. So – that’s been interesting to say the least and unfortunately, traveling will be done the first part of the year without him, I’m ecstatic for the end of the year where we can all join together and travel to Puerto Rico as one big crazy family!

My one goal for the 2017 and 2018 year is that I get to travel outside of the country. I have a Passport, it’s never been used & I have NEVER been out of the country! I want to go so many places and I know a lot of people who have traveled outside of the country and I love when they come back and I get to see all the pictures, souvenirs and just hear about their travels.

So, anyone else have the travel bug recently? What about those Groupon getaways?


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