Hello there! Glad you could make it our blog. This is just something that both of us have always wanted to do so we are finally getting together and making it happen! We are going to talk about a lot about ourselves, our family, stuff you can relate to, stuff you probably don’t care about at all and stuff that might just piss you off but YOU’LL MANAGE. Or not. We want to open up the floor and allow everyone to comment, submit topics, opinions, etc. We encourage it actually! That way it makes things a little more interesting and a LOT more fun.

Please feel free to email us anytime at kooldad4everandsnodonnell@outlook.com.

^ There’s a story behind that email address and maybe, just maybe we will get around to telling you a little bit more about it! Thanks for being here! We look forward to hearing from you!

A little about Samantha and Dennis:


Samantha : 25. Wife. Fur Momma to a beautiful Skye Terrier named ‘Bella’ and an adorable floppy-eared dwarf bunny named ‘Sweet Pea’. Full-Time Student. Works with the law. Coffee Addict, no touchy. Seriously. Don’t. Touch. It. Born -> Ohio. Live -> Florida. (Hope not forever because I reaaalllly miss my cold weather and seasons). I want to travel the world every single day of my life. If only, right? I want to have a library like Belle from ‘Beauty & the Beast’ because I love getting lost in the pages of a good book. That’s me!




Dennis:  Almost 50 Male, father of 6 daughters, one grandson, one grand daughter, love to read and write, hunt, fish walleye, Browns, Indians, and Cavs fan. Love my hot ass Puerto Rican wife and her Island. Go to PR every chance we get. Love to dance to Latin music, food, cuisine, and everything about the Hispanic culture. God is good!





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