Empty Nest Syndrome?

As I have stated in our “About” section, Nancy and I have six daughters together.  Something very strange happened in August of 2015… We were suddenly alone at home.  The baby of our half dozen graduated from high school and decided to move in with one of her older sisters and help out with our grandson until she figured out what she wanted to do with her life.  Of course, this was not the first time a daughter left, but this feeling was very strange to us.  Krystal and Samii moved out about the same time to go to college, and that was tough, but we still had the others at home.  Then slowly one by one, the others left too.  Kristine left with her boyfriend and had our first grandchild. Shayna stayed in Florida when we moved to Ohio to take care of her grandparents on my first wife’s side of the family.  Alexis bounced back and forth between us and her “egg donor” which posed a different challenge in our relationship.  Hilsa, the youngest, had always been with us and was the last one to embark on life’s journey.

Our work as parents was nearly complete as far as getting the girls raised as responsible young ladies prepared to take on the world.  We were warned several times by friends of this phenomenon called “Empty Nest Syndrome”.  It is supposed to be a feeling of severe sadness and depression that comes over parents after all of their children move out on their own.  So let me be the first to tell you that as a loving father who still communicates with each daughter several times a week…


WOOHOO!  Let the party begin!  We are FREE!  Dobby is a free elf!! (We all are Harry Potter nerds too).  We accomplished our mission as parents and it is now our time to lay around the house naked and drink a glass of wine as much as we like.  I hope they all winced at that remark.  Life is good.  Nancy and I no longer have to lock the bedroom door and play smooth jazz to let the girls know not to knock, wink wink!  We come and go as we please, we have date night every night, and yes, we do chase each other around the house naked!  Nancy has done pretty well also, not as good as I have, but she seems to be adjusting just fine.

So if you are a parent who is worried about this “Empty Nest Syndrome” thing, DON’T!  It is an amazing feeling being free!  ENJOY LIFE!  CHEERS!