Should I know what I want to do with my life?

I mean.. I’m 25 and even though every birthday we say ‘oh my god, I am getting so old’, while that is extremely accurate, I am still young and have plenty of time to figure life out. But do I really though…?

My college career has been quite rough and VERY MUCH all over the place. However, I am finally on solid ground and working on completing my Bachelor’s then I’ll worry about my Master’s. Now in all the time I’ve had between high school, moving around and now settled in.. you would think that I would have narrowed down what in the world I want to do with the rest of my life. But NO… I am not any closer to figuring it out than I was when I graduated high school. There’s something wrong with me, right? Because that would explain a lot.. Anyone have answers, anyone?

On fielding THOSE questions:

There are so many things that I want to do. So many things that I want to be apart of. So many things that I want to accomplish and lives that I want to affect in the most influential way. I want to make a difference but then again, everyone says that.. So what the hell. Why is this so hard for me to figure out?

While I am *beyond* obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy – I cannot handle the blood, shit and piss. (You can picture it now, can’t you? Yuck.) So becoming an amazing surgeon like Meredith Grey is out of the question…

“I don’t know why we put things off, but if I had to guess, I’d say it had a lot to do with fear. Fear of failure. Fear of pain. Fear of rejection.”  -Meredith Grey:

Then there’s law – everyone says they want to be in the law but recently I read a blog post from Tucker Max (if you haven’t heard of him, do yourself a favor and look him up. He is HILARIOUS. Not for the faint-hearted either, he’s very blunt.) and he wrote about all the reasons NOT to go to law school. Mind you, he also ATTENDED law school. Check it out: Why you should NOT go to law school   Anyway, it was a very interesting read and honestly, he is extremely right. Many people think that being a lawyer is EXACTLY like what you see on Law & Order.. well, it’s not. Sorry to break your heart. While I am currently working in law firm (not as a lawyer, OBVIOUSLY) but I can already tell you – I want NO PART of this life. Nope. No thank you. No siree. Bye. See you later.

difficult planning:

My major is Business Management so it’s a pretty big area that you can do just about anything with. So there’s event planning, I love weddings, events, parties, and I like having complete control over planning things and things going the way that I want them to go. But I’m not a complete control freak although my husband would definitely disagree with you because he has seen it firsthand. It definitely depends on the situation and when something gets messed with after I’ve taken care of it, I am certainly NOT okay with it. But with event planning, you get the weekend hours, late night hours, etc. And at the moment, I’m pretty into having a 9-5 job and weekends off. So there’s that.


Now if you’ve read my post titled ‘Live. Laugh. Love. READ.’ you’ll know that I love reading and have ever since I could remember. So maybe publishing?  But as far as editing goes, I’ll need to work on that because that’s DEFINITELY my husband’s expertise hands down. But to think of meeting writers and planning their events, taking care of marketing their own books, reading all the manuscripts, the list goes on.. It can be a pretty difficult field to get into – I’ve done some research.

universityandme: “the lighting was so nice i couldn’t not take a picture…i’m just journaling and starting “to the lighthouse” today for my next essay. ”:

So you see my dilemma? It’s pretty ridiculous.

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Or at least I think I’m handling it? Anyone out there having similar issues? Any advice? Any pointers? ANYTHING!?